Reverie – UH Manoa Senior Fashion Show

(From 04/28/2014) – Amanda Stevens


The UH Manoa fashion program celebrated its 48th anniversary Sunday night at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort and Spa. Every year, I look forward to witnessing what could be a major diamond in the rough and possibly the next Ari South, Matt Bruening or Allison Izu. From the collections on hand, to quote Tibuk3 “the future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.” Let me start with the junior collection, Transitions, the definite stand-out was the imaginative, sexy and colorful stingray design worn by model Kyiah Mason.

On to the senior collections, with Amanda Casarez, who opened with the Conquista collection. I loved the structured equestrian pants, dramatic Spanish flowing skirt and sexy silhouettes. She even added an obi-style belt to one of her looks. Tori Speere designed the Wind Swept collection that incorporated the perfect placement of lace. The collection was tres romantic with classic Americana and obvious Ralph Lauren influences, perhaps the chicest line of the evening. Christine Om captivated me with her co-mingling of Korean influences and Western couture-style gowns. It was obvious that her fashion influence comes from John Galliano and Alexander McQueen.

Camille Lanier’s Dead Film Star collection included an all-male model line-up. They hurriedly glided across the runway as if to catch a train, wearing vintage fabrics, faux fur and structured pants. Ashley Castro’s Salute collection incorporated an interesting blend of military structure and camouflage shades with gold accents. Her high-low design, worn by model Emma Wo, was definitely one of the evening’s best. Chelsea Otsuka’s Café Noir collection had a nostalgic 1960s schoolgirl ease and elegance. Her stand-out piece was an empire dress worn by model Rebecca Lin. I seriously think actress Zooey Deschanel would purchase some of the pieces in her collection. Sarah Yamashige’s Redamancy collection included brocade fabric with details inspired by the Victorian era with a vixen type of sophistication. Some of her looks are gala-ready-to-wear.

Reverie – UH Manoa Senior Fashion Show

The who’s who of fashion came to support the UH Manoa Fashion Design and Merchandising program.

Photos by Lyle Amine

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