Confessions of a ‘Walking Dead’ addict fashionista

(From 10/31/2014) – Amanda Stevens

You don’t have to be a fan of horror, Halloween, or even be a guy to be obsessed with AMC’s cult post-apocalyptic television series, “The Walking Dead.” But before I obsess, here’s a little background: the television series, developed by Frank Darabont, is based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman. So, okay I admit it, I came late to the party. Unlike some of my die-hard friends, I wasn’t glued to the TV every Sunday night since it premiered exactly four years ago on October 31, 2010.

But this summer I thought I’d give it a try on Netflix, and after two episodes, I became a full-blown Walking Deadhead. I literally finished off four seasons in less than one month. Now, I too am stuck to the TV on Sunday nights waiting to see what’s next.

So my favorite character has to be Michonne, played by Danai Gurira. The character is dark, twisty, carries a katana and seriously kicks Zombie butt. I’m so obsessed with her character that I outfitted the Goodwill Kaimuki windows (I volunteer to do visuals once a month) with a creepy theme that only “Walking Dead” fans would recognize.

Here are the top five reasons why women love “The Walking Dead.”

1) For the most part, women are not victims or reduced to being the moral compass of the show. They are tough, complicated, smart, and yup, sometimes fully irritating, but the characters are so rich and realistic.

2) The lack of sexual violence against women. Unlike other popular dramas, WD has been good about steering clear from this kind of graphic violence. There’s been story lines that alluded to it, but it hasn’t really gone there.

3) It can be very romantic – post-apocalyptic love can be a beautiful thing. The romance between Glenn and Maggie adds the perfect amount of humanity and hope for the series.

4) Man eye-candy – seriously, sorry but not sorry. Officer Rick Grimes and anti-hero Darryl Dixon have legions of female fans who would literally riot if they got killed off.

5) The writing is tight, consistent and smart. Women love a good mystery and a great story line. This show is definitely not just about zombies; in fact, the humans are a lot more dangerous.

If you haven’t already been “infected,” I dare you to watch just two episodes. You’ll see.

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