HONOLULU Fashion Week: Hawaiian Air and MAMO on the runway

HONOLULU Fashion Week: Hawaiian Air and MAMO on the runway


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A standing room only crowd had a chance to enjoy a unique showcase of flight attendant uniforms through the decades as Hawaiian Airlines served as the presenting host of the MAMO (Maoli Arts Month) fashion show during HONOLULU Fashion Week.

The second part of the runway show featured Native Hawaiian artists and designers presenting traditional designs, contemporary designs and traditional cultural practices such as Hawaiian tattoo. Featured designers include Kaponoʻai Molitau, Puamana Crabbe, Keone Nunes, Wahine Toa Designs, Lufi Luteru, Keoua Nelsen, Mele Kahalepuna Chun, Kawika Lum, Kēhaulani Nielsen, Marques Marzan and Jonathan Freitas. You might remember seeing our coverage of the MAMO runway show in May, but take a look at the gallery, there are a good amount of new designs.

MAMO Art Show

MAMO Art Show

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