Aloha, Pro Bowl 2016! Top 5 reasons why you belong in Hawaii

(from 2/1/16 – Amanda Stevens)


Team Captain/football legend Michael Irvin. Photo by Lyle Amine.


Team Captain/football legend Jerry Rice. Photo by Lyle Amine.

Sunday’s Pro Bowl at Aloha Stadium is history now, so you know that team captain Michael Irvin led his players to a 49-27 victory over Team Jerry Rice. Seattle’s Russell Wilson threw three first-half touchdown passes and earned offensive MVP honors, and teammate Michael Bennett was defensive MVP. Pregame entertainment included Rachel Platten singing her hit “Fight Song,” plus the Kamehameha Schools children’s choir and a keiki hula performance.


Rachel Platten sings “Fight Song.” Photo by Lyle Amine.

To help stop the yearly rumors that Pro Bowl is leaving Hawaii, here are my Top 5 reasons Hawaii deserves to host the Pro Bowl.

No. 5: Players love it. Most humans including pro NFL players love the perks of a trip to Hawaii in the dead of winter. And the islands are a great family-friendly locale.


Photos by Lyle Amine and Amanda Stevens.


No. 4: Two words: military and kids. It’s a lot more than just the game and all the parties. Pro Bowl always has special perks for kids and the military.


Marcus Mariota during the Oahu high school football teams and Hawaii NFL players half-time presentation. Photo by Lyle Amine.


Military color guard during the National Anthem and other members of the military are given special access during the game each year at Aloha Stadium. Photo by Amanda Stevens.

No. 3: It’s sunny and 80-plus degrees. Wave hi to your friends in Seattle, Chicago and New York! And make sure you’re wearing shorts and rubber slippers.


Photo by Lyle Amine.


Clear blue sky during the fly-over. Photo by Amanda Stevens.

No. 2: Post season or not, the athletes play hard. This includes NFL veterans, but especially the first-timers (action shots by Lyle Amine).


No. 1: A sell-out crowd. Fifty thousand fans filling Aloha Stadium looks good on national TV. Hawaii WANTS the Pro Bowl.


Fifty thousand fans doing “the wave.” Photo by Lyle Amine.

Enough said!

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