Scenes from the 2013 Pro Bowl

(from 1/28/13 -by Amanda Stevens)

Steven Aoki with a few of the 2013 Pro Bowl cheerleaders

Steven Aoki with a few of the 2013 Pro Bowl cheerleaders

All eyes were on the entertainment factor of Sunday’s 2013 Pro Bowl at Aloha Stadium. Fans, sports commentators and NFL officials were all looking for a strong game to secure future Pro Bowls, and consensus from those we talked to at the Aloha Stadium on Sunday was that the players gave us a good game with more intensity than in years past. Although the final score 62-35, with the NFC blowing out the AFC, most of the crowd stayed until the end of the game.

Train performed opening event festivities, while Natalie Ai Kamauu amazed the audience singing “Hawai’i Pono’i” and Brian McKnight wowed the crowd with his rendition of the national anthem. Also, Henry Kapono gave a touching performance in support of our troops during half-time, and Steve Aoki fans were thrilled to have him at the DJ table during parts of the game.







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