Kyle Kagamida: Stylist for the stars

(From 2/28/2014) – Amanda Stevens

Photo byA year ago, Hawaii native Kyle Kagamida was zipping up actress Jennifer Lawrence in her strapless Dior gown, a few hours before she accepted her Academy Award for Best Actress. During that time, he fulfilled one of his bucket list wishes — to meet, let alone work for, celebrity stylist and designer Rachel Zoe. I knew that someday I’d be starting a sentence with, “I knew Kyle when…” No, but really, I knew Kyle when I produced my first big fashion show and he styled his first high profile model, Anya, from “America’s Next Top Model.” This was back in 2010 when he wasn’t even old enough to drink a martini. Fast forward to 2013, when he graduates from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles and catapults to the top of the fashion stylist food chain.

With the Oscar’s happening this Sunday, there’s almost as much anticipation about the red carpet as there is about the actual awards. We caught up with Kyle as he ramps up for his second Oscars.

When did you first fall in love with fashion?

I don’t think I can trace my ‘falling in love’ to any particular point in time. I fell in love with it little by little. I actually was ambivalent about fashion because I never really understood it. Now that I’m immersed in it and working regularly in the field, I can honestly say that I cannot see myself doing anything but this.

What stylists have you worked for since you moved to Los Angeles? Who are you with now?

Since moving to LA, I’ve worked with Nicole Chavez, Ashley Avignone, Brad Goreski and Rachel Zoe. I am currently working with Petra Flannery and Tara Swennen.

What celebs are you styling for the Oscars on Sunday?

I am working with Amy Adams, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield for the Oscars.

Who are the actresses/actors that you love working with?

Emma Stone is probably the nicest person I’ve ever met. She’s down to earth, funny and super entertaining. I did the Revlon commercial with her that shot in Hawaii in October.

Who is your current style icon?

Emma would be my style icon. Petra does amazingly well with her and they both have such great style, and I usually love everything that they do together.

What actress or actor would you love to style?

An actress that I would love to style is Cate Blanchett. She already has amazing style, so I wouldn’t really want to interfere with that, but I would just love to look at her in person, haha.

What’s next for Kyle Kagamida?

I’ve been styling clients of my own such as Diogo Morgado, who is in the upcoming epic movie, ‘Son of God,’ along with Growing Pains actress Candace Cameron, Keegan Allen from ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ and Edy Ganem from ‘Devious Maids.’ I’ve learned a lot as an assistant to the amazing stylists I’ve worked with, but I’d love to continue to do things on my own and become a big stylist in my own right.

Photo above by Daniela Voicescu. See Kyle’s work at

Kyle Kagamida: Stylist for the stars

Kyle Kagamida: Stylist for the stars

Kyle Kagamida posts behind the scenes with Golden Globes red carpet pics on Instagram. Kyle worked with Sosie Bacon, who served as Miss Golden Globes – she’s the daughter of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick.

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