A look at Honolulu’s urban street chic

(From FrolicHawaii.com 03/05/2014) – Amanda Stevens


Honolulu has been the epicenter of a progressive movement of fashion, style and dress. This movement is not limited to just young adults; the creative workforce has found a way to merge urban elements and business chic to create an interesting Millennial voice in fashion. Although remote by geographical standards, Honolulu can certainly be considered fashion forward thanks to its innovative and Internet-savvy residents who incorporate current trends and create a style of their own.

Honolulu street style was recently captured in a book bearing the same name. Authors Malie Moran, Attila Pohlmann and Andrew Reilly visited neighborhoods ranging from tourist hot spots in Waikiki, the urban art and entrepreneurial Kakaako district, the bustling business center of Downtown, and the culturally rich Chinatown area. The photos were taken over a period of six months, and the people featured were authentically captured and interviewed on the spot about their outfits and fashion influences.

Ever since I saw an image of Rihanna wearing high-waisted denim shorts a few years ago, I knew, it was baa-aack — the ’90s that is. Someone scored at Goodwill, that’s where I donated my flannel shirts, combat boots and baby-doll dresses, but I must say I’m glad I held on to my denim jacket. Thanks to Pohlmann, photographer of “Honolulu Street Style,” I had exclusive access to the images, even the ones that didn’t make it into the book, and I picked out a few of my favorites, highlighting my take on ’90s looks for our readers. This book highlights fashions of today, but also deeply delves into Hawaii’s fashion past. It’s a perfect gift for locals who love fashion and those who wish they lived here. It’s available on Amazon.com.

Urban street chic – ’90s influence

Joshua’s goth influence: black nail polish, tattoos and silver accessories.

Photos by Attila Pohlmann

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